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Japanese to English: C programming specifications
Source text – Japanese
Sample 1 (Japanese):

【診断メッセージ + XYZ12345シリーズCコンパイラ[ABCXX]ユーザーズマニュアル 操作編】

Translation – English
Sample 1 (English):
Implementation Dependencies
This section explains aspects of the C language specifications that depend on the operation of the compiler and the microcomputer.

Translation Limits
The program size possible to compile is specified as part of the ANSI C language standard. ANSI-conforming compilers must be able to compile programs up to that size. Conversely, if a program is developed so that its size falls within those limits, it is guaranteed that any ANSI-conforming compiler will be able to compile it.
The ABCXX is capable of compiling programs up to the sizes described below. If a program that exceeds these limits is compiled, a diagnostic message will be issued and the compilation will be terminated. In this case, the size of the program must be reduced and it must be recompiled.
(Diagnostic Message + XYZ12345 Series C Compiler [ABCXX] User’s Manual – Usage Guide)
The ABCXX extends some of the translation limits. The “ANSI Standard” column contains the figures specified by the ANSI standard, and should be used as a reference when developing programs. Even if there is no limit considering the compiler’s processing, other factors, such as the memory capacity of the host machine, etc. may present additional limitations.


Japanese to English: Scanner User Manual
Source text – Japanese
Sample 2(Japanese):
1. SCANNERとPCをシリアルターミナル接続する。(接続方法は、4-2. シリアルターミナル接続を参照)
2. Service Terminal Modeから[1.Service Mode] → [3.Adjustment] → [1. Scanner Setup]を選択し、[6.Backup Firmware Version up]を実行し、ABCカードからFlash ROMへファームウエアを書き込む。
3. Service Terminal Modeから[1.Service Mode] → [4.Information Display] → [1.Software Version Display]を選択し、BACKUP FIRMWAREに正しいバージョンが書き込まれていることを確認する。

1. 新しく書き込んだファームウエアが何らかの理由で起動しない場合、古いファームウエアを用いて起動させる必要がある。そのため、アップグレードのみを行なった場合は、ABCカード上の古いファームウエアを消去しないこと。(ファームウエアは複数存在が可能)
2. バックアップファームウエアを実行している最中に電源をOFFしないこと。
3. ソフトウエアの書き込み途中または削除途中に電源をOFFしないこと。

Translation – English
Sample 2 (English):
Firmware Backup
1. Connect the SCANNER and the PC using the serial terminal. (For more information about the connection method, refer to 4-2. Serial Terminal Connection)
2. From Service Terminal Mode, select [1.Service Mode] → [3.Adjustment] → [1. Scanner Setup], execute [6.Backup Firmware Version up], and write the firmware from the ABC card to the Flash ROM.
3. From Service Terminal Mode, select [1.Service Mode] → [4.Information Display] → [1.Software Version Display], and verify that the new firmware is shown in BACKUP_FIRMWARE.

1. If the newly installed firmware does not boot up for some reason, boot-up should be performed using the old firmware. Therefore, when performing only an upgrade, never delete the old firmware from the ABC card. (It is possible to have multiple versions of the firmware.)
2. Never turn off the power while the backup firmware is running.
Reason: The backup data may get deleted.
If the backup data gets deleted, repeat the firmware backup.
3. Never turn off the power during copying or deleting the software.
Reason: Some areas of the ABC card may become inaccessible, and may result in insufficient capacity. If the capacity of the ABC card becomes insufficient, format the ABC card using the PC, then rewrite the scanXXX.mot (firmware) and the boot.cfs (boot-up specification file) to the ABC card.

Japanese to English: Motor User Manual
Source text – Japanese
Sample 3 (Japanese):
1. 防水・防塵 

① モータ単体での保護形式は、IEC規格(IEC34-5)を満たしています。ただし、本規格は短時間での性能規格ですので、実際のご使用にあたっては漏れ防止措置が必要です。コネクタ外皮(塗装面)に傷がつきますと、防水機能を損なうことがありますので取り扱いには十分注意してください。

② 液に対する保護がIPX 7クラスにおきましても、常時濡れていますと、モータの呼吸作用等により、液がモータ内部進入する場合がありますので、扱いには注意が必要です。

③ クーラントの種類(特に水溶性)によっては塗装、シール剤への侵食の可能性がありますので、保護カバーを設置してください。

④ キャノンプラグタイプの「XYZ1」および「XYZ2」シリーズのモータは、相手側キャノンコネクタに防水コネクタ、コンジットを使用することによりIP67相当に適合します。

⑤ キャノンプラグタイプ以外の「XYZ1」シリーズの全フランジサイズおよび「XYZ2」シリーズのフランジサイズ42mmのモータはIP40相当、ただしオプションにてIP67相当の防水性能を有します。「XYZ2」シリーズのフランジサイズ54mm、76mm、86mmのモータはIP67相当の防水性能を有しています。

2. 保護カバーの設置

① モータに常時液がかかるような環境下では、下記の要領で保護カバーを設置してください。

② コネクタ(リード出口)は下向きに、図の角度範囲に向けてください。

③ カバーは水や油の飛散してくる側へつけてください。

④ カバーには水や油がたまらないよう傾斜をつけてください。

⑤ ケーブルは水や油に浸らないようにしてください。

⑥ ケーブルはカバーの外側でもモータ側に水や油が侵入しないようにたるみをもたせてください。

Translation – English
Sample 3 (English):
1. Waterproofing and dust proofing

(1) The protection inside the motor conforms to the IEC standard (IEC34-5). However, this standard is only for short-term use; for regular use, other sealing measures are necessary. Be sure to handle the connector carefully as damage to the exterior of the connector (painted surface) can reduce the waterproofing ability.

(2) The motor waterproofing is of IPX 7 class level, but still requires careful handling. If the motor is continuously wet, due to the respiratory effect of the motor, the liquid can enter inside the motor.

(3) Install a protective cover to prevent corrosion of the coating and the seal material caused by certain types of (especially water soluble) coolants.

(4) XYZ1- and XYZ2-series motors with canon plugs are only IP67 rated if waterproof connectors and/or conduits are used on the matching canon connectors.

(5) XYZ1-series motors with all flange sizes and XYZ2-series motors with 42mm flange size are IP40 rated, but IP67 rated waterproofing is also available as an option. XYZ2-series motors with flange sizes of 54mm, 76mm and 86mm have IP67 rated waterproofing.

2. Protective cover installation

(1) Install a protective cover as described below for motors continuously subjected to liquid.

(2) Turn the connectors (lead outlets) downwards within the angle range shown in the picture below.

(3) Install the cover to the side where the water or oil would drip.

(4) Create a slant in the cover to prevent water or oil from collecting.

(5) Make sure the cable does not get soaked in water or oil.

(6) Create sag on the cable outside the cover to make sure water or oil does not get to the motor.




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